Autogem is coming to the rescue of its automotive customers and its many tyre technicians, courtesy of a new and improved Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) First Aid Kit.

We have strengthened our TPMS programme with a refined solution to supplement our existing offering, to assist tyre professionals in their hours of need.

Our modified first aid kit is a vital piece in our overall jigsaw, allowing technicians to repair broken, corroded and perished TPMS valve stems from one go-to box. It is our fourth incarnation of the product and the most comprehensive ever assembled.

There are a total of 72 components in the kit, of which there are 48 complete metal valve stems, 20 rubber valve stems and four service kits included to maximise UK specific coverage.

Managing Director Prashant Chopra said: “Our latest TPMS First Aid Kit is another example of us refining our product range as the TPMS market evolves. We have been supplying TPMS solutions for 15 years and the market has certainly changed with many new vehicles coming to prominence with different types of TPMS sensors and associated valve stems. As a result, we have released our fourth version of our valve stem service kit assortment.

“We have called it a First Aid Kit because we want our customers to think of Autogem as their go-to brand whenever they need some TPMS associated pain relief!”

Our latest product supplements one of the aftermarket’s most impressive TPMS programmes, featuring state-of-the-art devices and comprehensive training and support.

In fact, our TPMS First Aid Kit features some innovative packaging concepts such as QR codes which link to free training support. In addition, an online part number look-up tool and access to our industry leading tech support team can also be reached through a simple scan.

Prashant added: “We pride ourselves on being genuine innovators in TPMS and never standing still when it comes to product development and service innovation. Our First Aid Kit underlines this point, as we constantly strive for more solutions to make our customers’ lives easier.

“We’re here to save time for retailers, add professionalism and moreover, allow them to solve any TPMS issue as easily as possible.”

Meanwhile, entries are still open for Autogem’s inaugural ‘TPMS Expert’ competition.

The inaugural event is open to staff at independent garages and retail chains as well as mobile tyre fitters, and Autogem hopes to make it a regular initiative. After a qualifying round from April 27, 12 finalists will be chosen from this stage and will be invited to take part in the final stage at the Garage & Bodyshop Event on June 8, at Autogem’s exhibition area.

For more information about our First Aid Kit and TPMS Expert competition, visit