If Kasia’s face looks familiar, then it might be because you’ve seen her in an email or two from us in recent times.

Kasia has become an unlikely face of the business, striking a number of different poses which capture the essence of the Autogem brand!

In one random shot she is holding a goldfish bowl, although there is method to her apparent madness in this one! An empty goldfish bowl can be a great item to be placed in a reception for technicians to drop their faulty TPMS sensors into over the course of the year, which then catches motorists’ eyes and starts a conversation about TPMS technology.

Our onboarding system is another unique way for us to engage with our installer customer base and we hope that our resident model will keep playing a starring role.

Managing director Prashant Chopra said: “There are so many great personalities within the business, and Kasia is one of them! Not only are we always looking to provide solutions for our customers in memorable ways, but we want to show that it’s our staff who create these solutions in the first place!

“Like any successful business, we’re only as good as our people, whose creativity and pro-activity keeps us always moving forwards!”