Autogem can confirm that the future of TPMS is in the palm of a number of young technicians’ hands, after some aspiring aftermarket professionals scored top marks when qualifying for our Under Pressure ’23 event.

Following our inaugural competition last year, the second instalment of the TPMS talent search has seen a 50% increase in entries, representing our i-Sensor® user-base of more than 4,000 workshops across the UK.

We have been wowed by the knowledge base of under-23 entries in particular, with the highest individual qualifying score coming from this group to suggest that the future of the industry looks extremely bright. The finalists are comprised from seven large retailers, three small retailers and three under-23s, all of whom will now head to flagship Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) in Burton-upon-Trent on June 28.

Under Pressure ’23 is the aftermarket’s only dedicated campaign to celebrate excellence in TPMS system diagnosis, consumer engagement and technical resolution. It’s a further commitment from us to position the technology as a stand-alone category on a par with brakes, batteries, tyres or any other aspect of motoring care.

But according to Managing Director Prashant Chopra, the real highlight of the online qualifying rounds was the ideas and best practice shared by entrants afterwards, all of whom remained online to chat through their experiences afterwards.

Prashant said: “We enjoyed listening to a lot of open dialogue across multiple businesses where there was an enthusiastic exchange of insights and opinions, all with the intention of assisting each-other and raising standards more generally, as well as in the world of TPMS.

“Not only has Under Pressure ’23 allowed technicians to showcase their skills in TPMS diagnosis and resolution, but it has acted as a platform for professionals to share their experiences in the workplace. While there was a competitive edge to qualifying, there was also a real sense of camaraderie which was a pleasure to see.”

Under Pressure ’23 also catered for professionals with dyslexia for the first time and a bespoke session was held to allow for questions and options to be read out loud to make the competition even more inclusive.

The three winning technicians from the Large Tyre Retailer, Small Tyre Retailer and a Young TPMS Expert categories will win an iPad, iPhone, toolbox and level 3 EV training course. Autotech Training and Cam Systems are official sponsors and Prashant said momentum was building perfectly ahead of the final on June 28.

“We really can’t wait for the final now, after so many talented technicians impressed us with their levels of knowledge. There’s no doubt that the future of TPMS is in safe hands.”

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