If ever there was an aftermarket product perfectly suited to a forward thinking business like D & R Tyres, then our Michelin Pro Series Wiper Blades would surely be it.

Tyre technician Kieran Robinson speaks about the ways in which the products have benefited him, his customers and the business as a whole.

Why did you decide to opt for Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades?

If you’ve been to County Durham before, then you’ll know it likes to rain a bit, so stocking some premium wiper blades made sense, as they’re never going to go out of fashion!

How have sales been?

Sales have been very good and we’re finding that the Michelin name is striking a chord with our customers. The brand is so well known and it generates a sense of confidence when motorists see it.

It might not be an obvious product to think of, but by stocking the wiper blades, we can have a conversation about the importance of them and the implications of driving with wipers that don’t clear the screen properly.

Has the Michelin brand added a sense of professionalism to your forecourt?

It has. Everyone knows the brand and trusts it. But more than this, the product is just top quality. They’re a much better quality than what we stocked before and the difference has been like night and day.

Would you recommend Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades to other dealers?

Yes! The first thing that struck us was the ease of use and the time saved. The blades fit benefit from a universal fitment and fits to all makes and models of car. This means that there is no waiting around to get the work done.

If you had to name one single positive of Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades, what would it be?

The accompanying manual is brilliant and gives you the exact information you need. You just flick to the relevant page and all the sizes are there. There is no need for a tape measure and the installation process is a very easy one.

Any final thoughts on the Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades?

Only that they’re spot on! Customers have actually been asking us about them and requesting them to be fitted, so when that happens, you know you have a special product on your hands.

And because we’re known for a drop of rain where we are, it’s a product that will always have its part to play on a car!

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