The MOT surge may be coming to an end, but we’re giving the aftermarket a reason to stay cheerful, courtesy of a fresh update to our training platform and courses.

The courses have all been created to ensure that businesses and staff are trained properly in the use of our equipment and remind partners how to access our extensive technical support and back up.

The courses are available to all i-sensor and Michelin Pro Series wiper blade users and signing up couldn’t be easier at this link.

Managing director Prashant Chopra said: “We have always wanted to create additional revenue opportunities and maximise sales potential for our partners. These training updates help to achieve this, and refine their inspection, engagement and physical techniques. There is something for everyone from the novice user to the TPMS expert.

“Having trained well over 7,500 people, we have a great deal of experience to draw from and have put together the very best learning tools to ensure that the transition into the world of TPMS is a seamless, stress-free one.

“We have been getting an influx of new customers in recent times who have felt unsupported by their existing providers, which is where our tech support team have been delighted to bring them into our i-sensor programme.”

We pride ourselves on being genuine innovators in TPMS, with our knowledge of the market, product quality and overall coverage second-to-none. In the last 12 months, we have strengthened our product portfolio significantly with the unveiling of the I-sensor Pro® handheld device, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless Bluetooth and an integrated auto-focus camera.

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