2020 might just go down as the year that defined Autogem – but not in the way that everyone expect.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has clearly impacted the business in ways that were scarcely believable a few months ago, but it hasn’t got in the way of a sustained period of incredible effort and progress.

So with that in mind – and end-of-year school reports due – we have compiled our very own to reflect on how team Autogem has performed in a number of key subjects!


A new-look website, complete with up to date sections on our TPMS and Michelin wiper blade programme, making it easier than ever for our customers to understand how we can support them.

Regular newsletters have brought our products to life to our largest number of subscribers and monthly press releases have made for features and news articles in various trade publications.

Our first ever technology brochure is also available to download.

Design Technology

The past academic year has coincided with some significant advances in technology, most notably through some memorable product reveals. The I-sensor Pro® featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless Bluetooth and an integrated auto-focus camera, was an exclusive unveiling and has underlined our pledge to keep on innovating in order to stay ahead of the field.

Our Michelin Pro-Series wiper blades also boast multiple patents, save time, improve customer engagement and increase revenue streams.


Social studies

We have kept in touch with our colleagues through regular meetings via Microsoft Teams, while our product launches have also taken place through the same medium.

Teamwork has never been so strong. Wonderful to report.



We created a triple-layer, reusable anti-bacterial facemask in a swift response to meet the needs of customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our ‘gemCare’ masks, which have been anatomically designed by medical professionals, are a significant upgrade on disposable, single-use surgical masks which can be loose in fitment offering only basic protection. Making a saving for the environment and a significant saving for our customers too.



Some could argue this is a weak subject for us. We did not aggressively profiteer from toilet paper, masks, sanitiser and gloves, which raises the question: Is Autogem a business or a charity? We like to think of it as a long term partnership, where customer loyalty should be rewarded especially when workshops need to remain open. The maths will stack up in the long term.



We have expanded our London headquarters and now have an extra 400-pallets’-worth of additional space, which in turn allows us to house more of our award winning aftermarket products.

The investment arrives on the back of new barcoding picking systems, to further underline our pledge to be an even more efficient provider to the automotive industry. The new mezzanine floor ensures that all products are easier to locate and pick, saving vast amounts of time in the process and helping us to remain competitive.


Computer studies

Amid the unprecedented working conditions posed by the coronavirus, we have adapted and improved our online offering to assist our customers.

We have created an unlimited number of free ‘TPMS tune-up sessions’ for our installer partner customers to benefit from, where their TPMS experiences can be discussed with a member of our technical team.

In addition, our specially created TPMS assistant is an ideal destination for any customers with TPMS queries. The assistant, which can be found at this link, provides a multitude of information including relearns and it also explains what service kits are needed for OE sensors too.

Add in several webinars, live product launches, videos and extensive use of collaboration software and it is safe to say that we are excelling in this subject.



Headmaster’s comment (Managing Director Prashant Chopra)

It has been a year to remember for everyone at Autogem and the company has learnt a great deal from these unique times it has found itself in. To remain so pro-active and to be able to produce so many deliverables is something to be proud of.

Autogem has built up something special which will stand it in good stead for the coming academic year ahead. A big well done to everyone involved for their incredible work during such an intense period of their lives, both professionally and personally. Simply outstanding!

A* grade!