With Tesla finally distributing the first of its eagerly-anticipated Model 3 cars to UK customers, Autogem is proving to be in electric form too, with tyre pressure sensors already available for the aftermarket.

Tesla has begun delivering Model 3s to reservation holders in the UK as the electric car lands on British soil. But typical of the Autogem team, we were already waiting with an aftermarket solution, six months ahead of the cars’ arrival.

coming from Tesla’s official newsroom

Our handheld i-sensor device is the fastest selling universal TPMS solution and boasts patented programming technology. And in a coup for all fast fit networks and independent garage owners, it can produce replica TPMS sensors for the Tesla Model 3 already.

As long as the i-sensor handset is up to date, users can programme the latest software on the market to clone the original equipment sensor, removing the need to buy a new one at a much higher cost.

The intuitive i-sensor interface allows users to diagnose existing sensors, which immediately provides peace of mind. It then duplicates sensors electronically or manually. Or, it can create a brand new, unique sensor – all in a matter of seconds.

One i-sensor can replace over 98 per cent of the OE sensors in the market and with professional training and technical support available, our TPMS packages make it efficient, affordable and pretty much effortless to get up to speed.

Managing Director Prashant Chopra said: “It is one of the most versatile and easy tools to use on the market and not only that, we’re on hand to provide the very best technical support and service to all of our customers at all times.

“The fact we already had a TPMS solution for the Tesla Model 3 – six months before it arrived on our shores – shows you how versatile i-sensor is and how we are always proactively looking to the future with cutting-edge solutions.

“We offer comprehensive and unrivalled coverage and cater for 124 of the 126 OE sensors on the market and 58 different vehicle manufacturers as a whole. Whether it’s the new Tesla or an old Toyota, we can provide convenient TPMS products that save on time and money.

“Our TPMS dealings with most of the largest and respected tyre retailers in the UK has given us a wealth of experience to draw from. It has helped us to develop outstanding products, an incredible support base as well as an even more comprehensive level of customer training.”

For more information about our TPMS offering, call 0208 838 0910 selecting option 1.