Today we say goodbye to our production and warehouse manager – one of our Generals!

Ben Erdeaw joined Invicta Components Ltd over 12 years ago as a warehouse assistant. During this time he grew to be one of our most loved generals, his commitment to the business was rock solid and he always treated us all with great respect. For many reasons we are very very sad to see Ben leave but we are also delighted to see he has found his calling and will be going to bible school to become a priest later in 2017. Watch this video of Ben’s leaving speech and you will see why we will miss him so much. It is overwhelming to hear such gratitude from anyone, let alone a team member that is leaving us.

Words cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, commitment, loyalty and friendship over these many years. We have all been incredibly fortunate to have you with us for so much time.

Good luck to you Ben.

PS. We got the pleasure of meeting Sir Tom Farmer a few years ago and asked him for some top tips for our business. His first lesson was to ‘love your people, without them you have no business’ that rang true today as ever.