Autogem has inflated its tyre safety offering to the aftermarket to coincide with National Tyre Safety Month, courtesy of an improved 6mm combination plug patch solution.

Our puncture repair product features upgrades to packaging which includes a QR code which links to a product training video. Two ‘cut-out and keep’ guides can also be detached from the box, which helps to identify where the correct safe and repairable tread area of a tyre is, as well as tyre injury angle of penetration.

A cube design allows for 40 patches to be stored in one box and prevents the patches from unnecessary exposure to the environment, inadvertent contamination or premature ageing.

The combi-plug patches enable technicians to perform tyre repairs that conform to British Standards and are easy to use thanks to Autogem’s free training video, which can be scanned from the packaging in seconds.

Managing Director Prashant Chopra said: “We are constantly innovating and upgrading our portfolio, particularly when it relates to motorists’ safety. Ensuring that they get from ‘A to B’ safely and driving industry standards are Autogem commitments that we are passionate about.

“Our upgraded 6mm plug patch solution fits in with this philosophy, thanks to new packaging and training content. With October being National Tyre Safety Month, these improvements arrive at the perfect time.”

“As is always the case with any of our products, we offer additional free training and support whenever our customers need it, either on the telephone or online, which is in addition to the QR code video on our packaging. This training is openly accessible to everyone because we feel technicians should not have to pay for something as safety critical as correct puncture repair training.”