TPMS Servicing Solution

Servicing TPMS is a much overlooked, but important part of TPMS maintenance. As with all types of tyre valves it is important that the integrity of the air seal is never compromised. TPMS sensor valve stems are continuously exposed to the environment. Metal sensors suffer corrosion for a variety of reasons and rubber snap in sensors naturally perish over time.

Traditionally there was a lot of fear of breaking metal sensors during a service so this practice was avoided. Our training courses are designed to help give you confidence with the physical servicing process as well as consumer engagement when servicing sensors.

Since 2014 there has been a proliferation of rubber stemmed TPMS sensors and with these come much simpler servicing techniques.

The electronic life of a TPMS sensor typically far outlasts the life of a tyre and for this reason it is recommended to perform a service on the sensor, replacing the sealing and fixing components in turn prolonging the life of the valve component at every bead break.

A degraded valve may simply cause a slow air leak which can be easily rectified, but there are many more potentially catastrophic scenarios that could occur either through complete valve failure or from the resulting low pressure in a leaking tyre.

We have TPMS service kit assortments alongside our comprehensive range of individually and bulk packed service kits for all OE TPMS sensors and i-sensor®, so there is no reason why sensors should not be maintained correctly.

Together with our servicing guide and online lookup tools we have all the information you need to know what service kit to fit to which type of sensor.

All our service kits are manufactured for us exclusively in partnership with the World’s largest original equipment TPMS valve manufacturer and have laser etching on all of our rubber valve stems for full traceability.

As different OE sensors come to market, the tools required to fit them increase. Now in it’s fourth version, our TPMS hand tool kit is designed to assist with the correct handling of our i-sensor® and all OE sensors, helping to ensure tight fitment and reduce the chances of accidental damage.

If you wish to develop your TPMS service kit sales, why not speak to one of our technical support team on 0208 838 0910 option 4 or book an online TPMS tune up consultation.