The Sensor Solution

Our hardware solutions are exclusively compatible with our market leading, tried and tested i-sensor® programmable blank replacement TPMS sensors.

As a patented programmable blank sensor, no information is preloaded into the sensor. This extends battery life but more importantly it means that there is no obsolescence by having an i-sensor® on your shelf. Nor does it mean you need to spend time working out which sensor to use as our coverage is defined by your tool’s software version and not the sensor itself.

We are constantly working on new sensor protocols as new vehicles are released globally and we provide many frequent software updates. When it comes to vehicle parc coverage, we remain unrivalled as a single i-sensor® blank can cover over 99% of oe sensors on the market. Simply make sure your tool is up to date and you will be astounded by the coverage it offers as our i-sensor® tool will have many new vehicles on it that have yet to be released to the UK market.

As an additional bonus feature, irrespective of whichever i-sensor® programming tool you select as your weapon of choice, you get our American import vehicle coverage included for those left hand drive corvettes, mustangs and so on.

The i-sensor® blanks

i-sensor® comes in two forms, both electronically identical, made to the same oe standards with superior battery life.

A high speed multi angle clamp in sensor, giving a wide angle of fitment allowing it to fit across the maximum types of different wheel rims.

A low speed (max 130mph), pre mounted fixed angle snap in valve sensor. Perfect for replacing oe snap in sensors and also ideal for winter wheel sets.

As with all snap in TPMS sensors, we highly recommend you use a specially designed tool to ease fitment.

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