i-sensor® pro

i-sensor® pro is our next generation TPMS tool. It takes all the functionality of our entry level tool when it comes to diagnosing and programming sensors and then takes it to the next level. With a faster processor, more memory, colour screen, integrated camera and tread depth gauge, the ability to read VIN number barcodes and QR Codes and includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The added functionality that this future proofed chassis provides allows us to deliver additional and faster solutions, all ergonomically packaged for the tyre technician.

Here are some key highlights

Free Wi-Fi Updates

Simply enter your network SSID and password and enjoy free Wi-Fi updates. It is very easy to check if there is an update available. We recommend signing up to our TPMS newsletter for regular information.

Click to watch the video on WiFi Update

Bluetooth OBDII dongle included

As part of your i-sensor® pro kit you will also receive both a regular OBDII cable as well as a Bluetooth OBDII dongle. The regular cable allows you to draw power whilst connected to the OBDII port. The wireless solution is ideal for vehicles that require you to remain connected to the OBDII port whilst simultaneously scanning sensors in sequence to perform a relearn.

Integrated Camera with OCR license plate recognition

The integrated camera allows you to take up to 8 images per vehicle. This could be used be used for a variety of functions from capturing wheel, tyre or body damage, TPMS stem corrosion and so on. All of which could be reported to the customer and stored for future use. The camera also has built in license plate recognition, barcode and QR code scanning capability.

Integrated Tread Depth Gauge

A special bonus feature. Designed especially with the northern European winter wheel markets in mind, the integrated tread depth gauge is useful for those businesses that operate a “wheel off” policy when measuring tread depth. Tread depths can be measured and saved against each wheel position for later reporting through our enhanced ID to PC software.

Click here to watch a video on tread depth and data capture

Onboard support in the palm of your hands

The large onboard memory has given us enough room to provide some of our legendary tech support, onBoard. These include relearn procedures, ID locations, OE number locations and even OBDII Port locations. It is all there for you, right in the palm of your hands. Of course if you would prefer, you can find this information online as you purchase your tyre consumables or simply call our friendly tech support team. We are here to help you get that TPMS light out!

i-sensor® pro software enhancements

The large colour screen, faster processor and upgraded interface allows for many more options when it comes to your personal TPMS workflow. With built in short cuts and pre-programmed workflows, you can speed up your internal processes. Examples of these include Entry and Exit audits and the ability to make multiple sensors from performing a single scan.

ID to PC software

The i-sensor® pro tool allows you to capture and present more data than ever before. Click on the report image to get a better look.

We deliberately specified a very high level of hardware to future proof the i-sensor® pro chassis. TPMS and vehicle diagnostics continues to develop at a rapid rate. Just as we did with the original i-sensor® tool, we plan on bringing you lots more functionality with future updates.