TPMS Sensor Programming

If you are entirely new to TPMS, we highly recommend you read this buyers guide. It will explain the various technologies available in the marketplace and the pros and cons of these solutions. It will also take you through the basic concepts of TPMS as well as explaining how you can circumvent some of the tedium associated with some TPMS sensors both OE and aftermarket.

When it comes to sensors, their programming solutions and the service kits we offer, we are very fortunate to work exclusively with large publicly listed companies which have a strong global OE and Aftermarket TPMS pedigree. i-sensor® is a registered trademark of Autogem Invicta Limited, and we get both our sensors and programming solutions manufactured by the same organisation. This connection provides great assurance from a product quality and compatibility perspective. It also means our software is updated much more frequently, giving us our market-leading coverage.

Hardware solutions

We have two options available to you, both of which have European and American vehicle protocols included as standard with their software. This versatility allows you to even deal with those beautiful left-hand-drive American imports. Both solutions will suit different budgets and experience levels with diagnostic equipment.

To learn about each solution, please click on the relevant image below:

If you already have the i-sensor® original tool and are interested to add some “pro” to your workshop click on the video below.