La revolución está aquí TPMS. Introducción i-sensor

El diagnóstico de los sensores existentes:
Escaneado sin contacto de los sensores existentes (TPMS auditoría) from the tyre side displaying; diagnostic
• sensor ID code
• tyre pressure (simple and safe pressure check)
• temperature (where applicable)
• battery status (where applicable)
• sensor operating frequency

Duplicating existing sensors:
Duplicate sensors either automatically or manually avoiding the requirement to reset the vehicle ECU when fitting new sensors – the ECU recognises the duplicate as if it were the original sensor.

Auto duplicate sensors in as little as 18 segundo:
Diagnoses an existing sensor and then programs an i-sensor blank to become a clone with the same ID and protocol
Fastest way to clone sensors with minimal input from the user
Watch the auto duplicate video AQUÍ

Manual duplicate sensors in as little as 18 segundo:
Requires the user to input the required sensor ID into the i-sensor blank via the tool in either decimal or hexadecimal format allows the user to create a clone of the original, even when the sensor battery is depleted OE ID locator function onboard the tool and supplied in a printed version

Creación completamente nuevos sensores:
Crear un nuevo sensor de un blanco i-sensor en tan poco como 12 segundo. Applies a pre-programmed unique ID code and the required protocol to the i-sensor blank, ready to fit the fastest way to create your own sensors watch the PROGRAM BLANK SENSOR video AQUÍ

i-Sensor es una marca registrada de AutoGEM Invicta Ltd.

Otros sensores i-videos:

Otros sensores i-videos:

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