The TPMS revolution is here. Introducing i-sensor

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Other i-sensor videos:

extended_i-sensor_1diagnose_sensorsauto_duplicate_3manual_duplicateupdate_the_toolturn on and settings creat_new_sensorsfitting_i-sensors

Diagnosing existing sensors:
Contactless scan of existing sensors (TPMS audit). Watch the video HERE diagnostic

Duplicating sensors:
Automatically & Manually creates a clone of the existing sensor in as little as 18 seconds. This incredibly simple procedure eliminates the need for relearning the sensor I.D. to the ECU. saving installers time and money. Unlike OE and multisensors this avoids the use of very expensive OBD reset tools, or lengthy drive around procedures. Watch the video HERE

Creating completely new sensors:
Create a new sensor from an i-sensor blank in as little as 12 seconds. Watch the video HERE

i-sensor summary:
easy to use: scan, create and fit
single TPMS sensor with over 96% coverage of the sensors in your workshop
fastest universal sensor programming
circumvent ECU reset procedures and expensive OBD tools
eliminate downtime in the workshop
reduce waiting times for your customers

Click HERE for more detailed i-sensor tool information or watch the videos above

Click HERE for more details about our single universal i-sensor blank


i-Sensor is a registered trademark of Autogem Invicta Ltd.