Say hello to i-sensor snap in, part number TPS03. A few of you wanted a non-aluminium solution for winter wheels, others prefer simply pulling through sensors and not clamping in the metal ones so we thought we would introduce the latest version of i-sensor as a snap in variant. What are the advantages?

1. Coverage: It has the same market leading coverage as our clamp in I sensor (TPS01) of 98% of EU vehicles.
2. Convenience: As the valve is pre-mounted you save time in not having to assemble the sensor prior to fitment.
3. Chipset: Having the latest generation chipset means no more right / left programming for those vehicles that require it. A few seconds saved.
4. Aesthetics: As more rubber stemmed oe sensors are appearing in the market (eg as found on ford fiesta, focus, etc) its appearance matches those oe rubber sensors.
5. Winter wheelsets: a better solution over traditional aluminium clamp in valve stems since they don’t get affected by the winter weather as much.
6. Same equipment: I sensor snap in can be programmed in exactly the same programming cradle as I sensor clamp in.

Is there anything else we need to know?

To use i-sensor snap in you must be on version 1.32 of our software. Please click here for instructions on how to update your software.

The sensors are not designed to be used at high speed and are speed limited to 130mph. Note all original equipment high speed solutions are currently metal clamp in valve stem based and TPS01 should be used on high performance vehicles where a higher speed is required.

If you have any queries or require further information please speak to a member of our TPMS tech support team on 0208 838 0910 option 4.