Autogem will simplify the task of checking motorists’ tyres for tread wear, alignment issues and inflation, when it unveils its second generation Treadspec drive-over scanners.

Thedriveover2 ‘no labour’ tyre ramps will be officially launched to the aftermarket at Automechanika from June 4 to 6 in Birmingham, having been extremely well-received in the United States.

Autogem’s Treadspec 2.0 offering will supplement the company’s Groove Glove, which allows garage mechanics to scan all four tyres on any given vehicle and discover the tread depth and alignment of each within 50 seconds.

The beauty of Treadspec 2.0 is the fact that no technicians are needed to carry out the checks, saving yet more time and adding an extra element of transparency and honesty when presenting the findings to motorists. Automated reports are instantly generated, describing the condition of the tyres with recommendations made accordingly. These can be set to automatically print, with each scan making the customer engagement process even more efficient.driveover

The low-profile ramps are lighter and more aesthetically pleasing than many rival products, they are easy to install and feature integrated infrared sensors to activate scans. They come in surface mounted (mini-ramp) and flush mounted (embedded) formats and incorporate a licence plate recognition camera, allowing for photos of the vehicles on the reports.

The cameras and lasers are better protected, meaning that cleaning in wet conditions isn’t needed as regularly, while stainless steel protection covers avoid the risk of corrosion during the winter season.

Like Groove Glove, Treadspec 2.0 does the job by sending the collected tyre profile data to the cloud, once a vehicle has driven over the ramp. The data is analysed against more than 120 tyre profile wear characteristics before reports are generated instantly. Any alignment and inflation issues are also detected in real time.

Autogem’s managing director Prashant Chopra said that the addition of Treadspec 2.0 would add an added sense of professionalism to any forecourt.

He said: “We are proud to be in a position to unveil Treadspec 2.0 at Automechanika, which will create a greater sense of reassurance and trust amongst motorists.

“What’s more, it will improve customers’ experience in a clear and transparent way, whilst improving customer retention through a more professional experience.”

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