As you already know, we do not like to sit still as a company. Here are a few new videos we have added to our TPMS ZONE and of course our eLearning courses as well.

The first of the videos shows how to service one of our snap in sensors. These sensors are ideal replacements for vehicles originally equipped with snap in sensors such as Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa. They are also idea for winter wheel sets as the rubber stems in general are not prone to severe corrosion like their metal high speed clamp in counterparts.


The second video shows how easy it is to service a snap in i-sensor.


The third video shows how to use our optional i-Sensor OBD attachment to relearn IDs.

We wish our TPMS installer partners as much success and coalface confidence as possible. If you have more videos you would like us to shoot, just let us know on 0208 838 0910 selecting option 4 and we will look into it for you.