The future of tyre and alignment diagnostics is here!

Available as a Handheld unit…

Groove Glove™ is a handheld device that operates in a very simple fashion. The user places the Groove Glove™ on the tyre so that a top-mounted guide indicator is past the inside edge of the tyre.

Pressing the “on” button on the top of the unit with the index finger, will turn on the device and lasers. The user then slides the device across the tyre, while continuing to hold the power button down, to the point where the guide indicator is past the outside edge of the tyre. This completes the measurement for each tyre.

Or a drive over unit…

Let automation replace labour! This professionally installed, easy-to-use system provides a detailed customer report that clearly demonstrates the quantifiable need for new tires and/or an alignment. The TreadSpec diagnoses uneven wear before it’s visible to the human eye and integrates easily into current service processes. Capture every tire/alignment opportunity and enhance your customer retention, service efficiency, and profitability.

TreadSpec requires zero labour. Customers simply drive over the unit, and the software automatically captures tire, alignment, and rotation diagnostics. All this data prints out into a detailed, single-page, color-coded consumer report.

Award winning

Both hardware solutions come with a cloud based software management suite which can also be integrated into your existing POS, eVHC and CRM systems.

The award winning Groove Glove offers rapid recommendation for wheel alignment and tyre replacement. It does this by sending the collected tyre profile data to the cloud, where it is analyzed against over 120 tyre profile wear patterns. A report is then automatically sent to a printer describing the condition of the tyres and recommendations for each accordingly.

Ease of use

Communicating to your customer

Cloud based web suite

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Customer Testimonials

We asked some groove glove users a few questions about the tool.
Watch senior management and technicians talk about their investment and user experience.

Drive over Tread Depth Reader