While Autogem’s aftermarket solutions are regularly heralded as being heaven-sent for its customers, it’s the devil in the detail that separates us from the competition.

Many appreciate the benefits and features of Groove Glove, Treadspec 2.0 and i-sensor TPMS products (to name but three), but the attention to detail to those seemingly simple solutions will probably go unnoticed.

It’s worth mentioning though, because such detail goes a long way in underlining our company philosophy as a whole.

Bear with us here, because there is even a story behind those tiny non-descript torx screws that hold each i-sensor in place…

Not a lot of people will know this, but our pre-production test i-sensors came with ‘Phillips’ head screws, which were prone to threading when you started torqueing them up to the correct TPMS levels.

So instead of accepting the norm, we opted for better quality T20 torx screw that did not thread and was much easier to put the high torque load through it. Add a dash of nut lock and hey presto, the I sensor clamp-in was finalised.

Since making this small but important change millions of sensors have been produced by our manufacturing partners and have been supplied globally. It’s great to know we birthed this improvement. Additionally, we have noticed many TPMS tool box suppliers including the special bit for our T20 torx screws. No other sensor manufacturer uses the same screw as we do and its great to see how even our competitors ensure they supply a toolkit with the ability to fasten our sensors correctly. We just wonder if they actually knew the story behind our T20 friend.

It might not sound like much but on reflection, it says something that can be difficult to put into words. As our managing director Prashant Chopra said: “Our philosophy is to understand our customers’ needs, develop our own products and programmes and ensure that each and every aspect of them makes a positive difference in the workshop – including those little T20 screws.”