Westgate Tyres in a wiper wonderland with Autogem

Since stocking Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades via Autogem, Westgate Tyres’ customers have been looking ahead with a renewed sense of clarity,
it’s safe to say that the Morecambe-based garage has never looked back either.

The premium wiper blades are another indispensable addition to Autogem’s aftermarket offering and fits with the company’s underlying philosophy of assisting installer partners with industry-leading products which save time, improve engagement and increase revenue streams.

Westgate Tyres’ sales director Sophie Bailey agrees, and said that sales of the products had surpassed her expectations.

When did you take your first order of Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades?

I believe we were one of the first garages to place an order, when they came onto the market in the spring.
Sales were slow to begin with, mainly because of the uncertainty and upheaval caused by the global pandemic, but now we can’t sell enough of them.

What do you put the increase in sales down to?

The time of year makes a difference and with the clocks going back, temperatures dropping and more rainfall generally, it feels like the product is in motorists’ minds right now. There is an appetite amongst our customers to learn more about them because they know the implications of poorly performing blades.

Wipers that don’t clear the screen properly affect drivers’ visibility and count as an MOT fail. Driving with a car in this condition could see them hit with a £50 fixed penalty notice for driving a vehicle with a part in a defective condition. There are also on-the-spot fines associated with faulty blades, so I think that motorists generally acknowledge the importance of blades that perform to a high quality.

Has the Michelin brand added a sense of professionalism to your forecourt?

Definitely. It is a brand that everyone recognises and when our customers see it, I think they generally feel reassured that they are going to feel the benefit from a premium product.

How have you found Autogem’s aftercare / support?

Autogem are a great company to work with. They are always on hand if we do require any technical assistance but in this instance, the blades are exceptionally easy to fit and our technicians haven’t had any problems here.

Have you leant upon Autogem for other aftermarket products in light of the success of the Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades?

We already utilise Autogem’s TPMS programme, which is industry leading and hugely beneficial.

We use Autogem’s Groove Glove and i-sensor handheld devices and the technology is so impressive that we have developed a reputation as a TPMS expert in the local area, gaining business by word-of-mouth.

We have had a number of referrals here and the best bit of all is that the customer is not being hit in the wallet, as new sensors can be cloned within seconds at no extra cost. Main dealers charge a considerable amount to do this, but thanks to Autogem’s TPMS technology, we don’t.

Would you recommend Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades to other dealers?

I would, because aside from adding that sense of professionalism to the business, good profit is made from them, which is an important factor too. They represent an additional revenue stream that we would not have appreciated before placing our order with Autogem.

Any final thoughts on the Michelin Pro-Series Hybrid Wiper Blades?

Only that they have reinforced Autogem’s reputation as a provider of premium solutions and a business to rely on.

During lockdown, Autogem was there for us with a supply of gloves and masks and we know we can call upon their team for support at any time of the year – and we know that they will deliver.