Dealers and independent garages are being promised greater engagement with their customers, significant time savings and additional revenue streams, after we teamed up with CAM Services to provide real-time forecourt data on tyre tread and wheel alignment issues.

With the old adage that ‘knowledge is power,’ technicians using CAM’s business management system will be now equipped to advise on when and why tyres need to be changed or wheels aligned through hard data generated through our Groove Glove technology.

Groove Glove, which allows a mechanic to scan all four tyres on any given vehicle within 50 seconds, is being integrated into CAM’s all-in-one digital workshop tool.

Not only will this present sales opportunities in the immediate term, but it will also help build a picture for future interaction, as customers driving on tyres with low-treads can be revisited at a later date in a credible and honest manner.

CAM customers using its tablet application currently receive information about other service, maintenance and repair areas such as full brake inspections (pads, discs, callipers), lights, exhausts and batteries.

Greater knowledge to advise on tread depth levels, wheel alignment issues as well as sophisticated tyre analytics can now be offered thanks to the partnership with Autogem.

CAM’s Head of Project Management Frankie Sharp said: “The integration with Groove Glove will help to capture all tyre tread profiles, tread depths, size, load index, dot code and tyre pressures, so it is a significant breakthrough for us.

“It not only allows our customers to upsell but equally importantly, it creates an added sense of professionalism as the data can be presented direct to motorists in a personalised document – detailing all facts and figures in an easy-to-read manner.

“This partnership with Autogem strengthens our position in the trade and strengthens the hand of our customers at the same time, enabling them to engage in an open and honest manner.”

Groove Glove allows technicians to obtain collected tyre profile data which is sent to the cloud before a report is automatically sent to a printer and recommendations can be given accordingly.

The detailed analysis reads for 120 different types of algorithms, providing unbelievable accuracy on the state of each tyre and now it is fully integrated into CAM’s connected system.

Autogem’s Managing Director Prashant Chopra said: “We are here to empower and support our customers with significant time savings and increased sales leads. Workshop management software systems integration takes this to the next level.

“The only limitation as to what you can do with the collected data is ultimately one’s imagination. We are delighted that groove glove integration is now available for CAM’s workshop partners.”

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